The Sparrow House is inspired by Anna J. Smith, who resided in the house since the age of two with her mother Evelyn Sparrow. She was a proud and well-respected woman born and raised in the California Neighborhood. Most call her the Avon lady. More than 30 years ago, Mrs. Smith and a close friend founded the popular California Day Event; a family-oriented occasion that became a community institution. Each August, she kept the tradition going by providing food, music and life-long memories for those that loved their neighborhood.

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Mrs. Smith also co-founded the California Neighborhood Coalition, Inc. with Dr. Michael Brooks in 2006. She served as Vice President of the CNC for three years, before being promoted to President in 2009.  In 2010, she received an award from Louisville Metro Councilman George Unseld for Outstanding Community Leadership and Service to the California Community.  Additionally, Mrs. Smith served on the Louisville Neighborhoods Roundtable at the Community Foundation of Louisville and New Directions Inc.. This roundtable was instrumental in setting Neighborhood Policies for Neighborhoods throughout the city of Louisville from 2010-2012.


Anna remained the President of the California Coalition up-until her death, November 25th 2019. On November 30th of 2019, Anna was recognized for her outstanding community work and presented a Proclamation before being laid to rest by Louisville Metro Councilman, David James.

Upon receiving the home as an inheritance, Smith's granddaughter Markesha began building the vision for a place that would allow the California Community to grow and be empowered; a rethinking of the traditional community center. And from this seed, The Sparrow House was born.


First Generation Home- Owner

Purchased Home in 1940